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"Sight Fishing Trout Rivers
 This visually rich dvd is designed to provide you a solid foundation on the principles of sight-fishing (trout spotting), to help you become successful in this style of fly fishing. It blends some wonderful fly fishing footage with subtle how-to, each scene laced with situational tips. 
We discuss: how & where to spot trout in rivers; what trout look like in the water; proper approach to the water; factors impacting sighting; using the secrets of trout’s lateral line; casting and line control;  proper positioning for sighting; and many subtle tips in each scene.
The dvd is must for fly fishers interesting in hunting trout, learning sight-fishing tactics for your home waters and a variety of trout sizes, or when traveling to sight-fishing rich locations.


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NTSC - Approx 64 min

Real People Reviews!
Since releasing our Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers DVD 2012, we have had many, many people share a review:

"Hi Dave,
I just watched your DVD that arrived while we were away. Some great footage of NZ and terrific instruction on sighting trout."
Mike McClelland - Best of New Zealand.

"So I invited a friend over to watch the "Sight fishing trout rivers" DVD and boy did we enjoy it. My friend who have never been to New Zealand was quite stunned by how fishing is done over there in NZ compared to here in Sweden. I have tried to explain to him from my experience of fishing NZ, but as I canīt really show him what it is like, I feel that he can not truly understand it. This film however, helped so much to explain it with video, what I could not explain in words. Thank you, he is now hooked on going to NZ with me.
A brilliant film, with some amazing footage of sighted trouts, striking rivers and tiny creeks. This is a film for everyone, however it is a brilliant "how to fish NZ" film, so to everyone that is planning on fishing NZ for the first time, buy this DVD, it will prepare you for whats coming.
Dave and Amelia, thank you for sharing and thanks for being such a sweet couple. Amelia, you are kicking ass and taking names in this film."
Robert H- Sweden

"Just finished watching the video for the 2nd time. The fish and scenery are outstanding but the tips, tactics, and information are really what make it such a great video, so much so that's it's a bit overwhelming. I'll continue to watch it to try and retain as much as possible. The section on different lighting and cloud cover as it relates to a particular type of stream was eye opening and about as original as anything I've seen or read recently on flyfishing. My favorite was the section on latteral lines because Dave educated me on the subject at dinner one evening at Fortress. Those lessons were invaluable in Chile while we were fishing big hopper patterns on a tiny stream. Of the half dozen fish I landed that day not a single cast was placed up stream of the fish. Great job both of you."

"I realized that I totally forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your Sight Fishing video. You guys took some amazing video, saw some amazing water and I thought the information supplied was really good. It was interesting as without even thinking the about the tactic that over the past week on some fishing trips I found myself spending more time looking at the water then fishing it. I would still do the normal combing through "fishy-looking" water but more time then usual studying. I was always looking for the flash of a feeding fish or an usual looking rock that would just seam slightly out of place amongst the others. Did it move? Has the 'rock' changed position slightly? All good stuff. One of my favourites was on the ________ where I was fishing a spot that had a slight change in depth and current where I was fishing a hopper-dropper. Just combing the good looking water when I saw a very subtle flash kind of in the middle of the pocket. I stopped casting and watched for a few minutes. Saw a repetitive flash and knew it was one feeding. Ran it through a few times, nothing. Changed the dropper, nothing. Added some weight to get it down, caused the hopper to drag too much, nothing. Changed the hopper to a high floating foam, first cast nailed it on the nymph. Man I love the sight, hunt and catch. Too much fun! Leah and I then both targeted some subtle surface feeders on the _____. Subtle takes in the bubbles along the rock faces. Really fun!" 
Chris - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Thank you and Amelia for the wonderful hour watching the sight fishing DVD with a smile on my face and drum of single malt in my hands : )
Very well done footage, good editing and good narration. Not fancy but very solid craftsmanship. Thank you both!"
Florian Kaiser, Austria

Hi Dave and Amelia,
"I just finished watching your sight fishing DVD which I received today. What a fantastic video! You did a fabulous job explaining the many idiosyncrasies of sight fishing. The cinematography was also superb. It is always a pleasure watching your videos on Youtube and I hope you produce more DVDs in the future.
Thank you!"
James F, Canada

"The footage of feeding trouts is incredible. The clarity of footage and the instruction on how to be successful sight fishing is amazing. This is the best video on sight fishing."
James V - Australia

"Just got a copy of this video and loved it. Fantastic footage Nice job! I have shared it on the Fly Life Forum!"
Blake Swadling, Indigo Creek Bamboo Rods, Australia

"We received our copy of the Sight Fishing DVD yesterday! You guys did an incredible job, and you should be really proud. I managed to learn some new things and picked up on some things that I have been having problems with! Where was this when I was getting ready to head over to NZ? Paige was able to sit through her 1st fishing movie too! Usually she gets bored, but not this time!!"
Mitch L - Canada

"Simply Amazing"
Hans K - Germany

"I just finished watching your video which I received today, and want to offer my congratulations on having done such a wonderful job. The cinematography, and photography, were top notch. I particularly enjoyed the scene with Amelia sneaking up behind the logs; it was fantastic."
Quentin T- Canada

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